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How to make online learning effective for kids

Online learning has become an inevitable practice as a reason for the current crisis. According to research, parental involvement has a strong impact on kids' academic attainment. While keeping online learning fun through play, several tips that enable parents to support online learning for kids for them to be intellectually stimulated. This may be achieved through maintaining a comfortable schedule that is followed regularly, reducing distractions at the time of online learning for them to stay focused, and though providing positive feedback which is a way of positively reinforcing kids. Parents should also remember to stay constantly connected to their teachers as teachers can guide parents towards their child’s development.

A comfortable schedule creates a healthy learning opportunity for kids. Creating a routine also enables kids to understand that expectations are to be met on a regular basis. It is also important that parents involve kids while creating a schedule while considering their interests. Remember to include breaks to maintain focus as little ones cannot focus over a lengthy period in one sitting. Flexibility plays a key role in online learning, when your child is distracted, frustrated or anxious, it is important to give them time to get back to the learning activity.

Studies show that kids often tend to get distracted by their environment making it harder for them to stay focused. Though it is an obvious element, it is often ignored that a child’s learning space is crucial to maintain focus. In the presence of their favourite toys, external noises and other people in the same room, children are often unable to focus to their maximum capabilities.

Exhibiting positive reinforcement towards kids encourages them to perform better. Kids love rewards! They also get motivated to repeatedly attain it and put in all their effort to achieve the reward. You can introduce a reward system through a reward chart where you can give them a star or a sticker, give them a sweet treat, or even reward them with a new toy every time they portray their excellence in learning. This will in turn motivate them to continue performing to their highest potential.

Online learning can be fun for kids when they are provided with a proper environment and support that facilitates learning. Kids must be completely engaged and interested in what their learning to develop the targeted set of knowledge and skills. Finally, always remember to supervise your child as it is important to understand how they learn and what they do during class. Proper supervision will enable you to understand your little one’s learning pace and for you as a parent to understand your child’s development.

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