Our Approach Towards EYLF Curriculum


Our Child Care and Pre School Centre provide an informal atmosphere and a child-oriented, developmentally appropriate curriculum where children learn through play and the exploration of their environment. We believe in giving children opportunities to become independent and successful in his/her environment. This will enable them to successfully solve problems and to learn expressing their ideas and feelings.


As research has shown, children’s play is the essential component of a developmentally appropriate curriculum. We plan, promote and deliver activities that consider the developmental stage, individual ability and interest of each child.

[Piaget, Vygotsky, Tina Bruce, and Gallup Poll 2009]


The teachers will observe and assess the children’s behaviour and engagement in activities on a regular basis. This is an essential tool in planning curriculum, arranging the environment, designing the activities to be offered and providing the appropriate props. Learning is not imposed on the child, rather, the child is offered a choice of activities created with his/her developmental needs in mind. Therefore, early childhood curriculum arises from the children’s individual and collective interests, actions, questions and manipulations of the environment.

How Bankhill Incorporates the Play Based curriculum to the setting

Phase 1

Making sure that the children feel "belonging"

This gives the children security and confidence to form connection with people and environment around them. Especially the cares and other children in the setting. We at Bankhill Educare further build the following concepts;

  • Being respectful and accept diversity

  • Show mutual respect

  • Provide positive and caring relationships

  • Engage and interact with children

  • Create meaningful learning within the environment

  • Appreciate children for their individuality

Phase 2

Ensuring that the children are "comfortable" of being who there are.

Children will build self -steam knowing their identity and through that beginning to understand social diversity and gender differences, thus begin to make their choices and become their own decision maker. Bankhill Educare further enforce

Providing opportunities for children to explore and learn

  • Extending on children’s interests

  • Embracing culture

  • Supporting individual children

  • Having respectful relationships with children and families

  • Understanding children uniqueness and individuality

  • Recognizing each child’s values and skills

  • Allowing children to express themselves

  • Celebrating children’s achievements

Phase 3

Once children start to build their relationship with others and learn who they are,  they begin the process of becoming who they want to become.

In that, children are beginning the foundation by showing their interest and strength in their play. This allows us to formulate our play-based program.

  • Implementing school readiness

  • Encouraging independence

  • Focusing on child’s positives

  • Enabling children to be confident

  • Reflecting on individual growth

  • Aspiring others

  • Acknowledging self

  • Maintaining and developing relationships

  • Building foundations for learning

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