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How to keep kids safe during the pandemic

Keeping kids' safe may be the most stressful and challenging task that parents are facing these days. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lifestyle of kids to a great extent. As little kids are unable to attain vaccines at present, it is important to keep them safe by implementing measures to be followed. Some such measures are discussed in brief. Reinforcing precautions may enable coping with the pandemic and help kids adjust to the new normal.

  • Educate your kids to practice physical distancing and staying clean by washing their hands regularly. Make handwashing a fun little activity by adding a few fun actions and also praising them when they do it. Ensure to purchase kid's facemasks that fit your kids right, covers their mouth and nose without any gaps and encourage them to wear face masks when surrounded by people.

  • Talk to your kids about the coronavirus pandemic and what's going on. Make sure to educate children on what the pandemic is. It is important that kids have a clear understanding of what is going on since they are bombarded with information around them. Give them a clear knowledge of what has to be done in order to stay safe during such times. Be honest on the topic and supportive if they feel scared or confused. Listen to what they have to say and make sure to let them know that you are willing to talk and answer the questions they have for you.

  • Choose open spaces. Take your kids out and play in big open areas or places with proper ventilation. This way your kids are safe and happy.

  • Make sure to contact your doctor immediately if your child has any symptoms. It may even be a common cold, but try not to spread it by sending your kid out. In case your kid has caught the coronavirus, there is no need to panic. Follow your doctor's advice strictly and keep a close watch on your child’s health.

  • Practice social distancing and safe hygiene. Your kids absorb your behaviour and get influenced by it. Therefore, make sure to follow what you teach them yourself. You are what your child looks up to.

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