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Preschool Group

Our Preschool is set up in different sections : science, literacy, writing, reading, dramatic play, blocks and building, and nature corner. We believe that children gain more knowledge when they work in small groups, therefore we maintain a teacher -child ratio of (1:10).

Our teachers will then prepare activities which incorporate play-based material that the children will find engaging and fun. The learning environment will be inspiring, stimulating, and nurturing. The classroom will be a place that children can feel safe to learn, play and explore. The class room is set up in a manner which covers all developmental domains;

  • Physical (fine motor and gross motor)

  • Language

  • Cognitive

  • Social and Emotional

We at Bankhill Educare, provides a fun filled but challenging play based activities for our Preschool Children to develop creative arts, literacy, numeracy, science, etc. When the children are engage in projects it looks like “they are just PLAYING”, but in fact, they are learning important educational, social, emotional, and life skills through the process of play.


We believe that the children become confident, build self-esteem and get the ability to experiment and explore with our structured activities which covers the following areas of development,


  • Problem solve

  • Communicate effectively with peers and teachers i.e. communicate needs, ask and answer questions, retell stories;

  • Deal with, and solve conflict fairly;

  • Form friendships;

  • Relate to teachers;

  • Follow instructions and directions from staff;

  • Take responsibility for their own belongings;

  • Take responsibility for their own behaviours and actions;

  • Focus and not be easily distracted;

  • Work independently;

  • Share and turn take;

  • Play cooperatively to meet a common goal;

  • An awareness of rules and the reasons for them;

  • Dress themselves, ties shoe laces, use velcro or buckles, toilet independently, wipe nose, wash hands, and open own snack box and school bag;

  • Depart from parent;

  • Sit still and concentrate;

  • Share an adults attention with other children;

  • Adapt to new environment and experiences; and

  • Display an understanding of functional print.


Children at Bankhill Educare will be able to excel in following skills once they turn 5years and complete our full Scholl Readiness Program

  • Can recognise own name in written format

  • Can write own name

  • Begins to recognise letters of the alphabet both Sinhala and English (sounds)

  • Begins to print a few letters from the alphabet both Sinhala and English

  • Begins to recognise and print a few numbers

  • Draws pictures with detail

  • Sorts objects according to category

  • Demonstrates the concept of opposites

  • Hold writing implements using correct grip

  • Uses scissors with safety and control

  • Recognises shapes and colours

  • Can finish a task and tidy up afterwards

  • Participates in imaginative play

  • Understands sequence of events and

  • An awareness of road safety and stranger danger.