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How to Prep your little one for Preschool

Starting their new venture as pre-schoolers can be a major milestone for your little one and even you. It is going to be a huge change and a very essential one for your child’s overall development. Because of this very reason, it is important as parents to prepare your child for his/her new beginning at the preschool. A few ideas have been listed below in detail that may help you start preparing.

  • Pretend play school at home

Do a couple of pretend play dates with your kid based on going to preschool. Remember to do fun activities together like circle time, group play, reading books, snack time, and playing games, the way they would do in a preschool setting. This way your little one will have an idea of what to expect during their initial preschool days. Take turns to act as a teacher, a student and even as a parent. Enact how the teacher will welcome students, sing along, and even say goodbye as parents. Make sure to teach your little one some social skills such as sharing, saying ‘hi’ and talking to new friends, taking turns, or waiting for his/her turn and joining his/her friends in a play.

  • Visit the preschool together

When you visit your child’s preschool, make sure to take your little one along. Spend some time in the preschool along with your child. You can even play for a little while in the school play area and meet your child’s teacher together. This way they will get comfortable with the environment and the people, especially the teacher.

  • Talk to them

Give them an idea of what they would typically be doing in a preschool setting. Share a little story on your experience from when you attended your first day of school as a little kid. You can even show them some photographs of you back when you were in preschool and share your memories as a preschool kid. Let them share their thoughts and feelings and listen patiently to what they want to communicate. Make sure they know that it is normal to feel anxious, nervous, sad, excited, or even scared. Answer any questions they raise and let them know they will be in a safe environment.

  • Plan your Good-Byes

The best way to leave your little one with less anxiety and stress is to make your goodbyes super quick. It is natural that the first few days are going to be a little hard and a drastic change for them. Make sure to only portray positive feelings during your goodbye. Make a fun little way to say goodbye and let them know you will be back to get them. With time, they are going to get better at it.

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